Study programs

Program description

Bachelor studies - program:
   4 years
ECTS points: 
 240 ECTS points
Title after graduation:
 Graduated environmental protection analyst
Optional subjects*:
- Ecological informational systems
- Risk management
- Waste management


Name and goals of the study program

Study program name – Bachelor Studies of Applied Ecology.
Goal of the study program is to educate and train experts for integrated protection, control, recovery and preservation of integrity and quality of environment with the emphasis on the synthesis of the structure of geophysical, biochemical, information-technological and legal-economic analysis of the environment. 

The type of studies and the final product of the learning process

Bachelor studies in a duration of four years (eight semesters). Besides acquiring knowledge from the key areas of natural science (biology, chemistry, physics, geology…) that are directed to environmental protection, a student can acquire basic knowledge on legal, economic and political principles and environmental protection criteria. By mastering certain content, a student is able to identify and understand dynamic and complex processes of the environment. This enables comprehensive overview of the environment through identification, genesis and the structure of processes and procedures as well as influences on the ecosystem state and changes. By learning the methods for data measuring and processing, and especially making projections and evaluations a student acquires necessary knowledge for process projecting and control as well as selection of methods for analysis of the key elements and structures in solving ecology issues. Besides the application of different methods and techniques of measuring and analysis of contamination and degradation a student will learn the application of information system software as the key tools and instruments for calculating measures and actions for environment protection according to sustainable development principles.

Professional, academic i.e. scientific name

After graduation from bachelor studies with 240 ECTS points a student receives the title – Environmental protection analyst.

Study program admission conditions

Candidate admission is done based on audition announced by the Singidunum University, and realized by the Faculty of applied ecology. To apply for admission into the 1st year of bachelor studies the candidate must:

- have graduated from high school
- do the admission test (general knowledge test and so called deep interview)

The order of the candidates for admission is set based on general success achieved in high school and results achieved in the admission test. Based on the criteria from the Selection, Singidunum University Committee for student admission makes a list of applicants. A student that is positioned on the list within the number of students planned for admission (up to 81) receives the right to enroll in bachelor studies.

The list of compulsory and optional study fields i.e. subjects with the basic content

Here you can see the list of compulsory and optional subject with ECTS points, number of lectures and practice classes as well as the basic content of the subjects.

The manner of conducting studies and time needed for carrying out certain forms of studies

Studies are carried out through classes of the subjects that are stated on the bachelor studies program page and that are divided through semesters. Academic year is made of two semesters. The total duration of academic studies is 4 years (8 semesters) during which a student needs to acquire 240 ECTS points.

Point value for each subject

The number of ECTS points for each subject within the study program is shown in the tables.

Point Value of the graduation thesis on a bachelor studies

According to the possibility stated in the Law graduation thesis is not required.

Conditions for choosing certain classes or class groups

The conditions for choosing certain classes were given in the annex 5.2 in the list of subject content

Conditions for transfer from another study programs in the same or similar study fields

There is a possibility of transfer from one to another study program using the system of transferring points for the same or similar subjects.